Latinx Mafia

About Us

Latinx Mafia is a collective of diverse Latinx/e identified artists. The group was born out of a need to address our collective experiences with racist, problematic and misunderstood casting and storytelling practices of Latinx/e stories in a white-dominated media space. We come together in community to advocate for our radically accurate representation, to provide support and resources for Latinx-identified artist and to uplift our talent. 

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Mission Statement

To empower and support Latinx teatristas by reclaiming, demystifying and recreating Latinx representation in theatre/media.

Vision Statement

To ensure that Latinx representation in theatre and media radically and accurately embraces historically marginalized communities including but not limited to: the LGBTQiA2 community, indigenous and Afro-Latinx people, differently-able folks, migrants regardless of immigration status, and the many linguistic backgrounds in Latin America. 


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Letter to the Community